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We look forward to sending you the latest news, views, information from the travel sector. There are several ways in which you can interact with our website’s content. We have both lifestyle and business news. More detailed information below.

Travel & Travel Allied Industry Business

If you are all about the business of travel, you might enjoy going back to our home page where we put up the latest travel industry news daily. We are the most extensive site for travel professionals in India at present. We cover travel and travel related sectors like aviation, hospitality, infrastructure, startups, travel technology among others. We also go micro covering niche travel segments like MICE,  medical, adventure, religious, wildlife tourism among others. Keep abreast of people movements, latest travel trade news and more.

Travel lifestyle and consumer 

mytravel-gigiIf you are a travel consumer, you may enjoy our site Musafir Namah-MyTravel. We put up all the latest News You Can Use here. We cover new travel deals, visa changes, safety forecasts, new product announcements and more. You can also visit Mytravel for ideas and inspiration on where to travel next and get a glimpse of what others are doing as part of their travel lifestyle. Sections on food, culture, entertainment, fashion and books are there to give you even more depth to your travel experience.