New look for Palace on Wheels

The Palace on Wheels, a Joint  Venture of Indian Railways and Rajasthan Tourism   Development Corporation (RTDC), known throughout the world for giving guests a magnificent   experience of royal Indian lifestyle, is in for major refurbishment.
“Over   the   years   we   have   been   very     sensitive   to   each   guest’s   expectation.   We   have   compiled    feedback  and  are  now  acting  on  it    to  give  the  incredible  Palace  on  Wheels  a  refurbishment    that    should   raise   the   richly   royal     looks   to   still     greater   heights,”   said   the Managing Director of  RTDC Mr. Vinod Ajmera and  General  Manager  of  Palace on  Wheels Mr. Pramod Sharma according the wishes of Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot, Tourism Minister Ms. Bina Kak & Chairman of RTDC Mr. Randeep Dhankar   “We   have   extensively   researched     princely   lifestyles   of   the   royals   and    the   Palace on Wheels  will  sport  a  new  heritage  look  with  the  finest  in  luxury  trappings,  reflecting    the    exclusive  lifestyle  of  maharajas.

Full report here India Education Dairy


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