New heritage zone in Kolkata

The city will soon count another ‘heritage block’ to add to its enviable range of built history.

Centered around Mayer Bari or Sarada Devi’s house, it’s all within a five-minute walk in Bagbazar. Udbodhan building, Nivedita’s house, at a stone’s throw from Mayer Bari. Girish Ghosh’s quaint building across the street. And the Hooghly (Mayer Ghat) to one side.

The entire region is being marked off as a heritage zone and Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is going all out to create the ambience for one of the city’s historic sites.

The monks of Ramakrishna Mission met municipal commissioner Khalil Ahmed at the KMC headquarters on Thursday and took the most important decision in developing a heritage zone around Sarada Devi’s house. They agreed to pull down shanties belonging to 302 families to the north and south of Mayer Bari to clear space for a green patch around the historic structure. Hundreds of devotees and tourists from India and abroad throng the building every day.

Full report here Times of India


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