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New amenities for 2 Kerala tourist spots

THRISSUR: The Tourism Department has allocated Rs. 8.5 crore to give a facelift to Athirappilly and Thumboormuzhi, two important tourist destinations in central Kerala. Work on the development projects will begin this month.

A watchtower for enjoying the panoramic view of the waterfalls and the riparian forest, a walkway from ticket counter to entrance, and facility to transport tourists from Pillappara to the waterfalls are the main facilities to come up at Athirappilly.

The facilities will be set up at a cost of Rs. 4.5 crore. Parking facilities will also be arranged at Pillappara to avoid traffic chaos. Small vehicles will be arranged to take tourists from Pillappara to the waterfalls. A modern toilet complex will be constructed near the ticket counter as lack of sufficient toilet facilities has been raised by tourists.

An amount of Rs. 4 crore will be utilised for the development of Thumboormuzhi. Modernisation of children’s park, artificial waterfalls, air-conditioned conference hall, light arrangement, a walkway, and toilet complex will be arranged.


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