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Nepalese riders win mountain biking


Ajay Pandit Chhetri of Nepal emerged victorious in the International Cross Country section of the fourth International Mountain Bike Challenge at Kottur here on Tuesday.

Ajay pedalled the 5.5-km rough terrain from Pankavu through steep slopes, curves and numerous streams of the forest area in Kottur to reach the finishing point in one hour 49 seconds, reports The Hindu.

Aayman Thing Tamang of Nepal came second by covering the distance in one hour 50 seconds and Jean Mariolodovsky of Mauritius came third.

In the National Cross Country event, Kiran Kumar Raju of Karnataka came first by clocking one hour 55 minutes 13 seconds. Andhra Pradesh’s Venkateswara Reddy came second and Makhan Singh of Madhya Pradesh came third.

Riders from six countries participated in the fourth MTB Kerala 2016, an initiative of Kerala Tourism to promote adventure tourism in the State.

The event was held under the aegis of Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society and Cycling Federation of India with the support of Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).


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