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Mysuru tops Swachh Bharat rankings for 476 cities


swachh-bharat-nwThe Swachh Bharat Rankings for 476 cities in the country is out, and there a few surprises.

Most of India’s leading cities are ranked quite low, reflecting little changes from the status quo.

swachh-bharat-rank-tbGreater Mumbai ranks 140, while Delhi (Municipal Corporation) ranks 398, putting it among the bottom 100 cities. Chennai is ranked 61 while Bengaluru tops the metros with a rank of 7, something the city’s residents might find surprising given the cities recent problems with garbage disposal.

The survey conducted during 2014-15 was commissioned by the Ministry of Urban Development as required under the National Sanitation Policy of 2008.

Mysore in Karnataka has topped the list, with three more cities from the state figuring in the top 10. Mysore leads the cities with minimal open defecation and extensive adoption of solid waste management practices.

West Bengal does well with 25 cities/towns from the state finding a place in the top 100 cities. State capital Kolkata comes in at 56, something that is sure to stun the city’s residents.

These rankings are based on the extent of open defecation and solid waste management practices in these cities.

39 cities from the southern states are among the top 100 followed by 27 from the East, 15 from the West, 12 from the North and 7 from the North-Eastern States

39 cities from the southern states are among the top 100 followed by 27 from the East, 15 from the West, 12 from the North and 7 from the North-Eastern States.

15 of the 27 capital cities surveyed figured among the top 100 performers while five were ranked beyond 300. Bengaluru leads the list of capitals at 7th rank while Patna came at the bottom at 429.

Among the bottom 100 cities, 74 are from the North, 21 from the East, 3 from the West and 2 from the South.

The top 10 ranked cities are – Mysore, Tiruchirapalli (Tamil Nadu), Navi Mumbai, Kochi (Kerala), Hassan, Mandya and Bengaluru from Karnataka, Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala), Halisahar (West Bengal) and Gangtok (Sikkim) in that order.

Damoh (Madhya Pradesh) came at the bottom of 476, preceded by Bhind (MP), Palwal and Bhiwani, both in Haryana, Chittaurgarh (Rajasthan), Bulandshahar (UP), Neemuch (MP), Rewari (Haryana), Hindaun (Rajasthan) and Sambalpur in Odisha at 467th rank.

All the 476 Class-1 cities in 31 states and union territories, each with a population of above one lakh were surveyed for assessing total sanitation practices covering a set of parameters including the extent of open defecation, solid waste management, septage management, waste water treatment, drinking water quality, surface water quality of water bodies and mortality due to water born diseases etc.

An interesting aspect is how subsections of metros have done relatively better. In Mumbai, Navi Mumbai ranks third overall, while for Delhi, its NDMC area is 16th.

Since the Swachh Bharat Mission is being implemented in urban areas with focus on construction of individual household, community and public toilets to eradicate open defecation and ensure door-to-door collection and disposal of municipal solid waste, all the 476 Class-1 cities have been ranked based on the data pertaining to these elements from out of the date generated in the survey. This helps in assessing the present situation in these cities so that they can undertake necessary interventions to meet Swachh Bharat Mission targets in urban areas.

Overall sanitation rankings of these cities based on a total of 100 marks assigned to different parameters covering all aspects would be announced later.

The Swachh Bharat rankings are based on a total of 42 marks including 20 for open defecation indicators and 22 for solid waste management indicators.

Number of cities surveyed in major states include : UP (61), West Bengal (60), Mharashtra (43), MP (32), Gujarat (30), AP (30), Tamil Nadu (29), Rajasthan (28), Bihar (27), Karnataka (26), Haryana (20), Punjab (16), Telangana (11), Odisha (10), Jharkhand (10), Chattisgarh (9) and 6 each from Kerala, Uttarakhand and North-Eastern states.

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