MTDC supports classical music festival


The 38th Annual Sangeet Samrat Alladiyakhan Hindustani classical music festival, 2015 will now be supported by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). The 4 days music festival starts from 2nd April 2015 till 5th April 2015 at Bal Vikas Sangh Hall, Chembur, Mumbai 400 071.

Hindustani Classical Music is rooted in antiquity, with traces of the origin and found in ancient scriptures, tradition and has been passed on for thousands of years. Over the years, Sangeet Samrat Alladiyakhan Music Festival has become a very popular event in Mumbai. It presents the composite cultural heritage of India to the masses.

With MTDC’s participation this year, the festival will be elevated to a level where more tourists will be attracted. Shri. Paraag Jaiin Nainuttia (IAS), Managing Director, MTDC says, “India’s rich culture and heritage is depicted in its Classical music”. The event itself is a huge crowd puller. The idea is obviously to reach out to a larger section of music lovers beyond fans of classical music. Over the years we have been receiving a lot of queries from tourists, especially foreign tourist when they travel to India and love to explore various aspects of our culture and art, which plays a vital role to attract them”

The concert series will feature several well- loved classical musicians including Padmashri Pt. Satish Vyas, Pandit Vinayak Torvi, Shri. MilindChittal, Vidhushi Devaki Pandit, Dr. AshiwiniBhide– Deshpande and Smt. Gauri Pathare. The music lovers still recall the last year 2014 memorable sessions featuring Vidushi Padma Talwalkar, Vidushi Shubhada Paradkar , Pandit Ganpati Bhat, Pandit Nityanand Haldipur and Ustad Bahauddin Dagar

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