Mr Tata is an incredible bizman: Branson

Sir Richard Branson, the swashbuckling chairman of the Virgin Group, brings to sustainability and corporate responsibility the same degree of excitement and adventurism as he does with most of his activities — whether in business, crossing oceans in hot-air balloons, or pledging all future profits of his transportation interests — estimated at around $3 billion in 10 years — to renewable energy initiatives. In 2008, Virgin Atlantic was the first commercial airline to do a biofuel test flight. In an email exchange, the co-founder of ‘The B Team’ talks about Plan B for businesses. 

How is The B Team any different from other CEO-led initiatives that focus on similar issues? 
Our ultimate goal is to help transform the way business defines success and to be a catalyst for a “Plan B” — to place environmental and social well-being alongside the pursuit of profit. As a group of committed business leaders, we are using our collective voice to help engage other leaders and to bring partners together as a neutral body to work with government agencies, the social sector and our business peers. 

Where we think we will be different is that we will mostly focus on action. We are organising ourselves around a number of specific challenges, The B Team has identified, that are barriers to “better business”. We are focusing on areas we think we can have the most traction to drive new business models and solutions, and help push them past a tipping point. 

The first three challenges we are undertaking are the future of leadership, the future of incentives and the future bottom line. Some of the solutions we will implement are already being pursued by companies and organisations, and our role is to identify these and scale them, and develop new tools to address them. It also helps to have a group of respected and influential global business people committed to this agenda. 

Full interview here Economic Times 


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