Mr Tata is a fantastic guy,although I have not gone to bed with him: Tony Fernandes

AirAsia group CEO Tony Fernandes, who is about to launch an airline in India partnering the Tata group, is known to be as outspoken as he is focused on low costs. On Wednesday, at a press gathering to discuss his airline venture’s plans, Fernandes did not disappoint.

When a female reporter quizzed him about his vow to never work with an airline again after a failed joint venture with Japanese carrier ANA Holdings, he said, “I am sure you met many men. You thought he was a good guy but realised he was a complete disaster. So the relationship didn’t last. ANA was like that. It looked like one sexy woman – really nice – said all the nice things. And when we got to bed, it was a horrible experience. So we had a quick divorce.”

What about the Tatas? “Mr (Ratan) Tata is a fantastic guy,” he said.

“It is a fantastic experience working with him, although I have not gone to bed with him.”

Full report here Economic Times


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