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Move to allot land for tourism at Tannirbavi opposed

MANGALURU: Opposing moves by the government to allot land for oil companies and private tourism firms in Tannirbavi, various organisations staged a protest in the city on Monday.

Activists of the Communist Party of India (Marxists), Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) and Dalita Hakkugala Samithi participated in the protest in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office, reports The Hindu.

They said that more than 300 families in Tannirbavi had been denied door numbers and rights to their properties, citing rules of coastal regulatory zone (CRZ). If the government went ahead granting land for tourism and oil companies, people would prevent it, they said.

They said that construction workers, fishermen and other daily wagers lived in Tannirbavi.

Muneer Katipalla, State president, DYFI, said the government had made a move to grant land for a golf club in Tannirbavi. It was put on hold following protests.


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