MoT lists must-haves for 4-5 star hotels

A telephone and water sprays in the bathroom, luminous LED wall clock with three inches numerals near the swimming pool, and black-out curtains in the living room. These are among the list of accessories made mandatory for four and five star hotels. The guidelines issued by the Tourism Ministry will come into effect only from April 1, 2016, but the industry has already started complaining.

“Tourism ministry is trying to micromanage the properties. What happens if I put a digital clock near the pool instead of one with three inch numerals. This would not help,” said Kamlesh Barot, President, Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India.

The industry body will approach the government to reconsider some of its norms. “We would ask the ministry to update the hotels, not upgrade them. We should all match international trends but why have unnecessary expenditure,” Barot added.

For hotels starting operation before March 3, 2016, these facilities will be mandatory from April 1, 2022. Keeping in mind the requirements of the international tourists, all star rated hotels have also been asked to provide multi-purpose sockets for European and Japanese community.

Full report here Business Standard 


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