Monorail feasibility study must ahead of Metro nod

Now, states pushing for Metro projects in cities will have to first carry out feasibility study for monorail corridors. The Union urban development (UD) ministry is likely to issue an advisory on this soon in a move that that would create new market for major Japanese players in the country.

Sources said the decision was taken on Tuesday after UD minister Kamal Nath learnt from Japan’s senior vice-minister of land, infrastructure, transport and tourism Hiroshi Kajiyama that their monorails have the capacity to carry three lakh passengers a day. They added the Centre would clear Metro projects only in those cases where monorail networks are found unviable.

Speaking at a conference of monorail and light rail transits (LRTs) organized by India and Japan, Nath said states must prepare detailed project reports for both Metro and monorail. He said monorail can also be a supplement for Metro as it can be easily built and can run through congested areas where Metro corridors cannot be constructed or dedicated bus tracks cannot be laid.

Full report here Times of India


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