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Monday blues give tourism a boost, says Wego


Monday morning blues, it seems, are good for the tourism industry. A recent survey by a leading travel portal has revealed that a large number of people think about, or plan, their next trip on the first day of the week, to take a break from work.

Examining the data of 12 months of search behaviour on travel portal Wego, the researchers came to the conclusion that Monday was the most common travel-planning and flight-booking day in India, while accommodation options were most sought after on a Wednesday, reports DNA.

“It seems Monday-itis is a human condition we all suffer from, and the most common day we search for flights,” shared Ashwin Jayasankar, general manager, Wego India. “Indians’ thoughts turn to travel planning most often at the start of a new working week.”

The study was done to understand a traveller’s thinking and state of mind. It was also found that most travellers planned their trip less than a week before the intended date of journey.

The study claims that people are affected by work-related stress and, therefore, experience a great deal of inertia, meaning they find it hard to get started and are reluctant to return to work on Monday.


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