Modi wave boosts luxury travel


Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi’s tweet on the day of BJP’s stunning victory “good times are here,” is seen as a huge positive for the luxury travel segment.

Mr Modi has a positive outlook and if he boosts tourism it would really help. “But even if the economic situation improves, it will be good for the industry,” said Ratna Chadha chief executive, Tirun Travel Marketing, the India representative for Royal Caribbean cruises. She said in 2013 the luxury travel market was around $15 billion and it is growing at 20-25 per cent, and is the fastest growing segment.

An estimated number of one lakh Indians take advantage of luxury travel and according to Ms Chadha nearly 60 per cent belong to the younger age group.
As she says “in the last 20 years we have changed the concept of luxury travel from ‘newly-weds and half-deads’ and cater to all ages and tastes.”

Full report here Asian Age


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