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Min of Road launches bus booking site

To make long distance travel by buses convenient and seamless, the Road Transport and Highways Ministry will launch an integrated portal along with a private partner on Thursday. The site has been developed by Bengaluru-based Radiant Info in partnership with Central Institute for Road Transport (CIRT).

“In India, road transport corporations (RTC) are fragmented. They are owned by various state governments and the central government provides funds, technology and infrastructure. In we first launched individual state sites. Then we felt the need to establish an integrated service for seamless booking across various states,” Venu Myneni, co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Radiant Info said.

The project entailed investments of around Rs20 billion (Dh1.2 billion), he said, adding that it will run on a build-operate-own basis.

Read full report here, Gulf News


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