Mauritius offers 30% rebate to attract Bollywood

Mauritius, known for its scenic beauty and exotic locales, has launched a rebate scheme to attract film makers, especially from Bollywood, to shoot in the picturesque island nation.

The Film Rebate Scheme allows for a 30 per cent refund on all the Qualifying Production Expenditures (QPPE) incurred by all film producers in respect of their projects in Mauritius.

This scheme puts Mauritius at par with other destinations like Malaysia and Abu Dhabi which offer a 30 per cent rebate.

The scheme was launched earlier this week by the country’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance & Economic Development Xavier—Luc Duval and Minister of Arts and Culture Mookhesswur Choonee, in the presence of Bollywood Actor Jackie Shroff.

Full report here Business Line


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