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Mananchira Square to get a makeover

KOZHIKODE: Once the renovation of S.M. Street is completed, work on Mananchira Square will begin.

The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) has charted out an elaborate plan for the renovation of the maidan and the park, which is literally the heart of the city, reports The Hindu.

It has been around 20 years since the Mananchira maidan was developed into Mananchira Square in its present form with a trademark gate, a compound wall, pavements, fountains and sculptures.

Hundreds of people visit the square every day. It is a favourite spot for families, youngsters, children and even the elderly to relax during the evenings. However, complaints about the dilapidated condition of the square have been growing, and the new project is expected to put an end to those.

The ₹1.7-crore project includes the construction of an open stage, a toilet complex, more benches, pavements and lighting in the square. There are plans to repair the broken parts of the compound wall and the gate. “There are e-toilets in the square, but they are not enough for the huge crowd that visits the square,” said DTPC Secretary Binoy Venugopal.

The damaged tiles on the pavements and the spotlights on trees will be replaced.


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