Malaysia targets 8 lakh tourists from India in 2014

To further boost growing flow of tourists from India, Tourism Malaysia is promoting itself as an exotic destination and has set a target of attracting 8 lakh footfalls from the sub-continent in 2014.

“India is a very important country for us in terms of tourism after other Asian countries and China. Since the last few years there has been a steady increase in footfalls from India and we want to continue with our efforts to aid this growth.

“This year we expect 7.8 lakh footfalls from India and in 2014 we are targeting 8 lakh tourists from India,” Tourism Malaysia Chairman Ng Yen Yen said here.

The total international tourist inflow is expected to be 26 million in 2013, and 25 million in 2014, she added.

Full report here Indian Express


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