Making rail travel easier, one app at a time

This trio dared to do what no one else had done before, and wait till we reveal the identity of the Goliath they took on. Well, here it is — the Indian Railways. Braving the staggering enormity of the task, Manish Rathi, Sachin Saxena and Kapil Raizada have been working with the Indian Railways to make one of the world’s most complex rail networks easy to navigate.

Their answer to a hassle-free ride on the Indian Railways — and they’re not kidding — is a series of mobile web-based applications that provide, among other things, real-time train-tracking information, contextual travel tips and rail alerts on the mammoth Indian rail network.

Thus, with just your mobile phone in hand, you can receive real-time information on the location of your train; crowd-sourced information on, say, a popular restaurant or hotel near a station you plan to halt at, and alerts on a plethora on topics relating to a rail journey you are about to take. How about that?

Full report here Moneycontrol


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