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Magical winterline makes appearance in Mussoorie


It’s that view of the mountains that would serve as an inspiration to Nicholas Roerich. Brilliant orange meets magical mauve and there’s a hint of red – the magical Mussoorie winterline has made its first appearance of the season.

The winterline is a phenomenon unique to Mussoorie and parts of Switzerland, caused by the refraction of sunlight at a particular angle, and visible from mountain areas with a long, clear view of a valley towards the west, reports Times of India. The phenomenon can be seen mid-October to January, at sunset, as the sun drops behind a false horizon creating a grey and mauve strip.

The view is so rare and unique that that efforts were made last year to make the winterline a tourist draw, with the ‘Winterline Carnival’.

Author Bill Aitken who made Mussoorie his home years ago has just returned from a trip to Delhi, and says he cannot wait to see the winterline each evening: “Until you go out of Mussoorie, you don’t realize what you are missing everyday,” he says.


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