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M.P. tourists may get a closer look at tiger dens


The Madhya Pradesh government wants cameras installed in tigers’ dens so that tourists can have a closer look at the life of the big cat in the wild.

The move is a part of its efforts to promote tourism through participation of private sector in wildlife conservation in forest areas outside national parks and sanctuaries, reports The Hindu.

The state has made a presentation to officials of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and other departments involved in wildlife conservation.

It has proposed to create secure habitat for dispersal of tiger and to develop eco—tourism in degraded forest land through Public—Private Partnership (PPP) models and to have restaurants and picnic areas inside them.

“The restaurant can have flat screen TVs showing live scenes from the best water holes in the habitat. The restaurant could look out over a water hole used by general prey species as this will inevitably mean that tigers may be seen from the restaurant.

“There can be even cameras built into the tiger dens that are specifically provided for the tigers so that guests can witness the activities inside the den while having their lunch or refreshments,” said the presentation, a copy of which was received in reply to an RTI query filed by wildlife activist Ajay Dubey.


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