Luizinho’s stand on Mopa airport praised

In an interesting development, Goans for Dabolim only (GFDO) praised the all India Congress committee (AICC) general secretary and possible candidate for the South Goa Lok Sabha seat Luizinho Faleiro, for his stance on the dual airport issue.

GFDO continued to criticize the state BJP government, BJP MP Shripad Naik and Congress MPs Francisco Sardinha and Shantaram Naik for ‘failing to display any initiative to safeguard the interests of Goa by engaging with the relevant authorities in Delhi to scrap this unwanted two airport policy for tiny Goa’.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, GFDO convenor Fr Eremito Rebello appreciated Faleiro ‘for devoting time and effort to gain an in-depth understanding of the deeper issues involved in the two airport policy started by the Congress government and now being actively promoted by the Parrikar led BJP government’. He added that Faleiro has rightly understood and admitted that once the proposed Mopa airport comes up, there will be absolutely no possibility for Dabolim airport to survive.

Full report here Times of India 


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