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Lord Shiva weeps for peace


In Chakwal, Punjab, bells and chimes ring around the corridors of the temple complex, Katas Raj. There are tears too: pilgrims from India have the privilege of celebrating Shivaratri — a festival celebrated in reverence of Lord Shiva — at the “home” of Lord Shiva. And then there is Rajshari Jain, diligently scribbling away in her little notebook:

Eid Ho Har Din Hamara

Diwali Har Rat Ho

Dil Ko Dil Se Jeet Len Ham

Nahin Dil Ki Mat Ho

(Every day should be Eid,

Every night Diwali

Let’s win the battle of hearts

Without defeating any heart)

Jain is part of the 157-member pilgrim party who made the journey from India to Chakwal this February for Shivaratri. She has but one complaint: “I want to visit all of Pakistan, but my visa restricts me.”

Full report here Dawn


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