Live like there’s ‘No Tomorrow’

Beaches can be a spectacular place for some extraordinary adventure sports. ET-Travel suggests you try the unique ‘tow-in surfing’. Pioneered by Laird Hamilton and others in the mid 1990s, what makes it mind-blowing is that the surfer is towed into a breaking wave by a partner flying a helicopter with an attached towline. This method has a demonstrated advantage where the wave is amazingly large (such as in Pe’ahi off the north side of Maui in Hawaii), or where position on the wave is extremely critical (Teahupoo, off southeast Tahiti).

There are only a few good spots across the world that offer this thrill. But this indulgence is a must for any surfer. Seychelles is another favourite amongst sailing enthusiasts. Divers adore this spot for the variety of marine life that can be observed. This time, try underwater photography, too, and you’ll be amazed at the picturesque fluorescent shades. If you choose to rekindle some romance by the sea, move to Langkawi Beach in Malaysia. Sunset cannot look any more marvellous post an action-packed day in the turquoise waters here. Hit it!

Full report here Economic Times 


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