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Licence for 3 yrs in new Goa shack policy

The tourism department’s beach shack policy scheduled to be released next month is likely to introduce some drastic changes. The department recently submitted a draft beach shack policy to the government with a recommendation that validity of licenses issued for erecting temporary beach shacks be extended to three years.

Past beach shack policies, drafted and released before the beginning of every tourist season, mandated that the shack licence is limited to that season alone. A longer licence period is one of the main demands of shack operators, who claim it will help them recover investment costs.

Shack owners welfare society (SOWS) president Cruz Cardozo, said a shack operator desiring a proper shack, has to invest at least Rs 5 lakh. “It is not always possible to recover the full investment during that particular season. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that you will able to plough back your investment the next year due to uncertainty involved in being allotted a shack,” Cardozo said.

Full report here Times of India


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