Let’s go French over a meal


Six restaurants in the town offering authentic French cuisine as part of the gastronomy week…Olympia Shilpa Gerald says Puducherry continues to be a destination for foodies

Every time I have requested an appointment with a French artist, writer or anyone remotely connected to Paris, it has always ended up as a discussion over food — a snack or a drink, at the least. “Not the stuffy office, the café is better any day,” one prominent figure told me. What is it about the French and food? The ongoing gastronomy week in restaurants scattered around the town provide a peek under the lid.

“Food is an important part of life for the French. Their conversations, business talk and discussions about the news all happen around food,” explains Marie Joelle, course director at the Alliance Francaise de Pondichery, who spent many years in Paris before moving back to Puducherry. Little wonder that French culinary schools, Parisian cafes and gastronomic tastes have a legendary reputation.


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