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Late arrivals of tourists keep Arambol biz alive


Late arrivals of tourists, especially domestic ones, have kept the tourism business open even towards the end of May in Arambol. Shacks, restaurants, rented rooms, hotels, beach beds, clothes stalls still operate in Arambol mid-May.

Locals, who visit beaches in May for saltwater baths normally don’t go to shacks because of the high cost for the commodities sold. Domestic tourists are flocking to Arambol beach in plenty and tourism-related businesses are thriving, reports Times of India. Normally at the beginning of May, shacks, restaurants and other tourism-related businesses stop operating and are packed up with plastic to protect them from the rain.

It is primarily shacks and restaurants that employ Nepal and Kashmir natives in the kitchen that have stopped operations as their workers have retuned to their homes up north. On Friday, shacks and restaurants still in operation did very good business.

“This year regular guests especially Russians did not turned up to ask for rented rooms and houses but the rooms were full with domestic tourists, ” said Carmelin Fernandes, who offers rooms on rent in Arambol.


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