Land for eco-tourism project allotted in Indore


Forest department’s much-awaited plan to develop the area around Ralamanadal into an eco-tourism spot seems to have finally reached a conclusion. A land of size 14,000 square meters near the national park has been allotted to the forest department by the district administration to build a bio-diversity zone.

Slated to have a cocktail of adventure, education and entertainment for the people who come here, the plans to erect the zone had been pending for a long time. Situated on the north-west side of the sanctuary, the place already has a huge plantation, which will now be looked after by the forest department.

It was found that hardly 20-25 families are living in the area. Total population of the land is only 100, which makes it an ideal spot for the development of the spot.

Full report here Hindustan Times


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