Lakeside story


The fearless Biju sends the speedboat hurtling through the waters of the Asthamudi Lake, at 45 km per hour, leaving large frothy waves scything in its wake. He steers towards the nearby Monroe Islands. Named after a British officer who lived there before the sun set upon the empire, Colonel John Munro, the islands measures 13 sq km.

When I reach, I get onto a country boat, and Raghu rows me through the calm lagoons. The ride is soothing and refreshing. Also taking a ride with me is Gaiko from Tokyo. “I am enjoying myself,” she says, with a smile. “This is a novel experience.”

Raghu has a sense of fun. He leads the boat towards a narrow bridge, but there seems to be little place underneath for the craft to pass. When we reach almost next to the bridge, he stops rowing and asks us to lie down. I look at him puzzled and say, “Are you sure?” He smiles and says, “Please.” And so I lie down on the boat’s wet floor and watch with a sense of amazement, as the boat passes under the bridge intact. When the next bridge comes up, I laugh and lie down. Raghu, too, bends his head down towards his locked knees, but not before giving the boar a strong push with his oar. We pass under four bridges like this.

Full report here New Indian Express


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