Laid off Singapore Airline pilots spoil the party for Air India counterparts

Air India pilots who were falling over one another to get jobs with the cash-rich and globally expanding Etihad Airways, are now having to do a rethink. This is because 75-odd expat pilots who have been laid off by Singapore Airlines are also gravitating towards Etihad.

According to sources, the Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways is now more keen on recruiting pilots from Singapore Airlines than those from AI. It has already inducted more than 30 AI pilots over the past four months.

The general perception in aviation circles is that Singapore Airlines pilots have a better safety record vis-a-vis the AI staffers. Also, the expat pilots of Singapore Airlines are currently jobless and hence have less bargaining power in comparison to the pilots working with AI. Aspirants from AI have been informed by Etihad that their applications will be considered only after the recruitment of Singapore Airlines’ expat pilots is completed in the next couple of months.

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