Lack of facilities plagues Shanghumugham

Shanghumugham beach, a favourite hangout of city folks and tourists, lacks basic amenities. With the closing of the iconic Indian Coffee House and the district tourism promotion council’s (DTPC) inability to complete its projects on time, people are finding it difficult to grab a bite to eat, go to the loo or take a relaxed walk after sundown.

The Indian Coffee House was a favourite eatery for many in the city, for the delicious food they serve and also for scenic vista from its verandah. Since its closing months ago, the beach is deprived of a decent eatery. The nearest eating place at the beach is a private restaurant adjacent to the bus bay, unaffordable to some. Most people visiting the beach head to the nearby tea stalls, but hygiene of these temporary set-ups are a cause for concern.

“Eating out is really a problem at Shanghumugham. I cannot afford to eat from a restaurant like that, I took a peek at the menu and decided that the prices were too steep,” said Younus Muhammed, a visitor to the beach.

Full report here Times of India 


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