Lack of copters as campaigners take flight


For the first time, there is a shortage of chartered helicopters in the country with political parties hiring around 70 such aircraft for campaigning.

The country’s two main political parties – the BJP and the Congress – have hired over 50 helicopters between them for their star campaigners, and now regional parties are making a scramble to get choppers.

Industry experts say that the demand for helicopters for election campaigning is at an “all-time high”. During the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, 40 helicopters were chartered for political activities.

“It’s not just national parties. Over a dozen regional parties such as the NCP, Samajwadi, JDU and BSP have also hired helicopters. They want to charter more services, but the operators are unable to meet the demand,” a source said.

Full report here Mumbai Mirror



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