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Kondapalli fort to get a facelift

Vijaywadakondapalli fort

The sight of Kondapalli Fort located on the city outskirts, 16 km from Vijayawada to be precise, has always been a subject of curiosity to the passers-by. The ramparts of the ancient ‘quilla’ seen from Mylavaram Road make people inquisitive to know all about this ‘mystified citadel’ built by Prolaya Vema Reddy in the 14 century.

The dilapidated structure, which is included in the mega tourism circuit proposed to be developed in this region to attract tourist inflow, is finally all set to get a facelift after elections. “Proposals to launch renovation works at an estimated cost of Rs. 50 crore have been submitted and the Centre is most likely to give its nod since all components included are as per the guidelines,” says K. Lakshminarayana, Member, Hospitality Development and Promotion Board (HDPB) under the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

The Department of Tourism, in coordination with the Archaeological wing, will take up this long-pending project. A government property near the fort will be used to set up a craft bazaar where the world famous Kondapalli toys from the nearby Kondapalli village will be showcased and made available to buyers coming from outside. The place will also reverberate with a sound and light show besides addition of wayside amenities for visitors and tourists, says Mr. Lakshminarayana.

Despite its historic importance, the fort has been left in a dilapidated state for long and has failed to attract tourist flow mainly because of the absence of proper facilities. Landscaping of the area and setting up eat-outs at the fort form part of the master plan. Development of this project is a gigantic task and if implemented fully, the landscaping alone could swallow funds to the tune of Rs. 5 crore, said a source. “Clearance of the debris is a marathon task,” agrees Mr. Lakshminarayana.

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