Kolkata airport cleans up act with WhatsApp


Rudra Sen, a senior executive at a quick service restaurant major who shuttles between Delhi and Kolkata, has seen a marked improvement in the Kolkata airport terminal’s upkeep.

“The maintenance of toilets at Kolkata airport has always been poor at the old terminal and even when operations shifted to the new one. But things have dramatically improved of late. Toilets are clean and dry. I wonder what’s happened to bring about the welcome change,” the frequent flyer remarked, reports Times of India.

Rituparna Basu, who often travels to her brother’s house in Bangalore, has also noticed the change. The approach to the security check area does not remain clogged with abandoned trolleys anymore and flight display information screens function.

“Housekeeping has also improved. Dust and grime have disappeared from corners,” she said.

So how did the airport authorities ultimately get their act together? Though the upkeep improved since operations moved to the integrated terminal with Airports Authority of India (AAI) outsourcing jobs to private agencies, issues continued as overseeing the maintenance of the facility by the lone terminal manager and his handful of deputies was difficult.


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