Kolhapur hotels suffer loss of Rs 40 crore

KOLHAPUR: Over a month after demonetisation, the district’s tourism industry is still reeling under its side-effects with stakeholders suffering losses to the tune of Rs 40 crore owing to poor response from tourists.

The district administration had also planned a tourism festival for the month of December to make Kolhapur a tourist destination, reports The Times of India.

However, looking at the poor inflow of tourists after demonetisation, the administration changed its plan and postponed the fest for next year.

Speaking on the issue, president of Kolhapur Hotel Owners Organisation Ujjwal Nageshkar said, “Aftermath of demonetisation still continues. Local vendors and eateries in the district are the worst affected. Nowadays, we are receiving tourists who come to the city for a day. We had promoted tourism in such a manner that tourists should stay here for at least four days. Sadly, this never happened.”

He added, “There is cash crunch in the market. We have suffered a cumulative loss of Rs 40 crore in one month. More than 250 hotels are part of our organisation with more than 3,500 rooms. We have online booking system and other cashless mode of money transactions. Still, tourists are facing problems in local market.”


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