Kochi Intl Marina beckons seafarers

After a hiatus of six months, two yachts have berthed at the Kochi International Marina. For the last two years signs were ominous, with adventurous sailors postponing their trip to India for fear of Somali pirates.

After a gap of six months, yachts have started arriving. “This is a positive trend. With pirate attacks under control and conditions favourable, we expect more yachts to arrive in the coming months. One of the  yachts has come for repair,” said Commander (Retd) Jose Varghese, head of operations, Kochi Marina.

The Marina is operated by Mumbai-based Ocean Blue on a three-year contract. “There was a drastic fall in the number of yachts sailing to India after two couples were kidnapped and killed by the pirates in early 2011,” he said.

Full report here New Indian Express 


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