Kingfisher blames Pratt & Whitney engines for collapse of airlines

DELHI: Loans defaulter and fugitive Vijay Mallya blamed “faulty” Pratt & Whitney (PW) engines for the collapse+ of his Kingfisher Airlines business.

Mallya also said on Twitter that he’s sued a company called IAE, which is a PW Group Company, for compensation towards “defective” aircraft engines supplied to Kingfisher Airlines, reports The Times of India.

The former liquor baron’s comment came two days after it was revealed that India’s aviation regulator is investigating Pratt & Whitney engines in A320 NEO planes. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Tuesday ordered a detailed examination of the engines after planes installed with them continually developed snags.

These engines have been plagued with issues like slow engine start-up times and erroneous engine software messages.


IndiGo has 129 A-320s in its fleet of which 16 are Neos. And GoAir’s current fleet of 24 includes 5 Neos. Of the 21 PW-powered Neos currently used in India, the DGCA expects to complete probing the engines that have operated for over 1,000 hours, in next two weeks.


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