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Kerala tourism owes a lot to foreign writers


“Just once or may be twice, every ten years or so, if one is lucky and does it full time, one has a great travel experience that is so stupendous, so much part of the human as well as the natural world, and yet,” wrote Mark Ottaway in the Sunday Times of London almost a score of years back, referring to his travel by a houseboat in the Kerala backwaters and also of the “wonderful land of Kerala and its hidden beauty.”

In his words Kerala is truly a multi-spiced dish with all its diverse peculiarities binding together to be a successful tourist destination. This diversity is the only reason why Kerala has been selected “as one of the fifty must see destinations in a life time” by the internationally reputed National Geographic Traveller magazine some years later after Mark Ottaway wrote the above lines.

Kerala’s uniqueness as a tourist destination with its beaches, hill stations, backwaters, wildlife, colourful and vigorous villages stretched within a short distance of just two to three hours’ drive makes it an attractive proposition for tourists as well as travel writers. Like Mark Ottaway, one of the senior most travel writers, foreign journalists play a significant role, much more than the lucrative “commission based” advertisements in marketing Kerala.

Full report here Deccan Chronicle


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