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Kerala looks at Ayurveda tourism to attract foreigners


Kerala is paving new ways to enter the tourism market of countries such as Russia, Europe and east Asia with Ayurveda tourism.

The deputy director of Kerala tourism, Nanda Kumar who was in the city on Tuesday said that foreign visitors are often looking for a relaxation place. “So we are planning to mix ayurvedic treatment along with sightseeing in such a way that the experience is truly a stress buster for them,” Kumar said, reports The Times of India.

The state also has a major chunk of domestic tourists coming from Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The main target audience though are the retired foreign visitors. “They have earned their money in their youth and are looking for a place to relax and that is how we are marketing Kerala in many places. Even in Russia, where there is not much sun through the year, Kerala climate is a welcome experience. Hence we are trying to capitalize on the natural beauty and the immense culture of Ayurveda in the state,” Kumar said.


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