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Tourism numbers may fall over alcohol move: Survey


alcohol-ban-chartKerala’s recent announcement on the ban on alcohol has drawn sharp reactions. For a state where the tourism rupee is significant for the state exchequer, here is some proof that tourism may suffer. 

Travel community site has just released ‘ Traveller Insights: Will the ban on alcohol affect your travel plans to Kerala?’ based on the opinions of more than 5,000 participants from across 30 Indian cities, that were collected through a survey.

This report captures the impact of the alcohol ban in Kerala on travellers planning holidays to the state.

The impending ban on alcohol in Kerala has been polarising, with arguments both ways. The state contends that there is a burgeoning social cost to alcoholism, though the tourism sector is calling for more responsible drinking and allowing branded hotels, in just in the five star category but also others to grant permission to serve alcohol within their premises. 

Key findings of the survey include:
58% of survey respondents said they wouldn’t plan a holiday to Kerala because of the ban whereas 42% mentioned they would still holiday in Kerala. While 61% male respondents said they would now not go to Kerala only 37% female respondents said the same indicating the alcohol ban did not have significant impact on female travellers.

· Travellers from Delhi reacted most strongly to the ban with 72% saying they wouldn’t travel to Kerala on a holiday whereas travellers from Pune & Chennai were relatively unaffected

· Travel plans of 63% frequent travellers were affected by the ban but only 48% of other travellers said the same

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