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Kerala bar owners to appeal against HC verdict


Bar and hotel owners in Kerala will challenge Thursday’s High Court Single Bench verdict allowing only 4 & 5 star and heritage hotels to operate bars in the State. Kerala Bar Hotels Association (KBHA) president Biju Ramesh said that they will appeal before Division Bench on Friday.

“If you can have four-star bars, why not three-star ones? Our contention from the beginning has been that there is discrimination in the government decision regarding bars,” he told the media.

KBHA also said that shutting down three-star class bars will affect tourism negatively as a number of tourists depend on three star hotels. He said that one could already see tourists preferring states like Goa over Kerala because of the same.

Ramesh also said that there were discrepancies in the actual number of star-classified hotels in the state. He mentioned that in different databases, 75 Kerala bar hotels were classified four-stars while the government list had only 33. Similarly, the official list had eight ‘heritage bars while the India Tourism website lists 13, he said.

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