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Keoladeo National Park faces survival threat


After spending crores in the name of reviving Keoladeo National Park Bharatpur (KNP), the situation is still as dismal as it was when it began. Recently, the Open Billed Storks that came to Keoladeo National Park, commenced breeding and since they were unable to find any food, they abandoned nest and flew back. However, a few days later when water from the Chambal started trickling in, hoping it would bring in some fish, they came back and began nesting. But with deficit rain in the region and lack of food and water it’s unlikely they will stay.

A Ramsar site, a World Heritage Site and a water fowl refuge of international repute, KNP faces continuous threats for its survival due to absence of flowing water, which was traditionally received from the Gambhir river that went dry more than a decade ago owing to construction of Panchana Dam in Karauli district. So now the river only flows when Panchana dam over flows, which happened only thrice in the past 12 years.


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