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Kashmiris next on Goa’s hate list?

After last week’s backlash against Nigerians in Goa, are Kashmiris next in line?

The gram sabha of south Goa’s Majorda village, located 35 km from Panaji, saw agitated deliberation Sunday over banning of Kashmiris from owning and conducting business within the village jurisdiction.

Mozes Vaz, the sarpanch (headman) of Majorda, a popular beach village told IANS Monday that he was open to the idea of conducting a survey to identify Kashmiris conducting business within village limits.

“The demand from the villagers during the gram sabha yesterday (Sunday) was to cancel licences to Kashmiris to conduct business here. I have told them that a survey will be conducted to identify Kashmiris doing business here. Action can be taken after that,” Vaz said.

Full report here Zeenews


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