Karnataka to ban film shoots at heritage sites


Historical locations across Karnataka could soon be out of bounds for film-makers.
The state government has decided to apply tough criteria for permitting film-makers to shoot at such locations like Hampi, Bidar fort, Badami cave temples and the like after several instances of violation of permit conditions were reported to them.

Both the Karnataka government and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have been unhappy about these alleged violations, and the issue has been taken up by the state’s Tourism Minister R.V. Deshpande, reports Daily Mail. It has been alleged that the filmmakers often shoot beyond the areas for which they are granted permission.

Moreover, they also shoot songs that are perceived to be in bad taste and vulgar. Considering all of these issues, minister Deshpande has suggested regulations for shooting movies at such places.

These restrictions are being incorporated in the latest tourism guidelines that will be announced by the year end. When implemented, the rules will be applicable to film industries of south India and Bollywood as well.


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