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Karna to implement eco-tourism policy

Karnataka wants to avoid over-dependence on tiger reserves and is planning to develop its reserve forests to promote sustainable eco-tourism. Speaking at a conference on formulating guidelines for eco-tourism policy, Vinay Luthra, CEO, Karnataka Ecotourism Development Board, said “Karnataka which is a leader in eco-tourism in the country through Jungle lodges and Resorts, should not allow eco-tourism to deteriorate into mass tourism.”

“Keeping this in mind, a body like Karnataka Ecotourism Development Board is planning to develop reserve forests spread across the state to allow access to eco-tourists,” he added.

The Karnataka Ecotourism Development Board is also coming out with detailed guidelines to monitor, facilitate and regulate ecotourism in the State. The board is also planning to introduce marks or grading system to rate private resorts to allow access to the tiger reserves.

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