Kanpur to Lucknow travel faster with new bridge lane


With the opening of a second service lane of a railway overbridge at Bighapur-crossing on National Highway-25 for light vehicles on Monday,traffic snarls on Kanpur-Unnao-Lucknow Road should not ease reports TOI. It also says that travel time from Kanpur to Lucknow will now be just one-and-a-half hour.

Earlier travel from Kanpur to Lucknow took upwards of two hours. That route also went past Unnao-Shuklaganj bypass and took more than two hours to negotiate. The remaining work on the railway overbridge, with access lanes to Lucknow Road, will be finally completed by December 15 for heavy vehicles.

The construction of ROB began in 2010. The basic objective behind the construction of this railway overbridge was to ease out traffic congestion at Bighapur railway crossing, falling on Kanpur-Unnao-Lucknow National Highway-25. “Both the lanes of ROB have been opened to light vehicles,” district magistrate Saumya Agarwal said. “The bridge as per the NHAI will be opened for heavy vehicles most probably by December 15.”



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