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JoyousIndia launches site to simplify travel planning

Akshay Sharma founder of Joyous India announced the company’s new official online launch. The online venture provides information on more than 100 tour packages covering various tourist destinations in India. This one-stop online travel portal allows foreign tourist to choose and book from a variety of tour packages available. Other then this Joyous India also gives travelers friendly information on events and festivals, destinations, shopping, healthcare, books.

All the travel related information is provided for each travel destination zone. Details features information on hotel accommodations, transportation, guides and tourist native language.

Individuals can read reviews given by other travelers. Those eager to take a break from a busy professional life, or travel on a budget will find plenty of options at Joyous India.

Joyous India specializes in travel planning to India for tourist residing around the globe; this allows vacationers to search for any travel destination in any part of the country, for any duration of travel. The website has a complete list of travel destinations to choose from, before narrowing down selection to a specific locale.

Specializes in offering travel service to India, Joyous India allows vacationers to search for any travel destination by name, departure date, duration, etc. The travel website maintains a comprehensive list of destinations from which to choose from, before narrowing down the selection to any particular locale.

If you are looking for holiday to India that has something for the whole family, you don’t need to look any further. Take a look at Joyous India’s family holiday packages featuring hotel and resort accommodation, flights booking, tour guide, and local transportation. Itineraries are made to fit every travelers needs to set their own schedules for sightseeing, attending events or festivals, and enjoying leisure activities to the fullest.


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