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Jharkhand tourism needs to do more


Rounding up the efforts of the government to develop Jharkhand as a tourist hub can be termed ‘lackadaisical’ at best.

The government announced the state tourism policy on September 27 unleashing a spate of promises to develop prominent tourist places. However, even a cursory look at the projects will reveal half of them remained on paper, reports the Times of India.

Since the beginning of the year, the Jharkhand Tourism and Development Corporation (JTDC) and the tourism department announced a slew of proposals to develop tourist pads in the state. In Ranchi itself, a light and sound show depicting Ulgulan the famous uprising of Birsa Munda against British is yet to see light of the day despite having its successful trial run in April this year.

The redevelopment of JTDC-run hotels is yet to be completed. Only Van Vihar in Betla, Prabhat Vihar in Netarhat and the tourist complex in Tenughat saw 100% completion of work. Renovation work in Baidyanath Vihar in Deoghar is yet to start as cost estimation of the project has not been completed by the department. The proposal to start tourist bus service from Ranchi to Deoghar is also stuck in bureaucratic limbo.


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