Jharkhand launches cleaniness drive to attract tourists

The state tourism department is stepping up on efforts to present  a green and clean Jharkhand to tourists from across the globe and has started a ‘Security and cleanliness of tourist spots project’ in the state to attract more visitors to the state.

Under the project, 21 tourist spots at various districts have been identified by the tourism department and the cleanliness work at three spots, in Deoghar, Baidyanath Temple, Trikut and Tapowan, have started.

Tourism director, Siddharth Tripathy, said, “Government of India conducted a survey to know the reason why despite being a country of diversity, India attracts only 0.6% tourist visits. Lack of cleanliness and security at the tourist spots were to blame. After this, GoI started a campaign in 2011-12 under the name ‘Clean India Campaign’ to make different tourist spots in the country dirt free.”

Read full report here, Time of India


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