Jet pilots defer decision not to fly with foreign commanders

DELHI: The local pilots’ body of Jet Airways has deferred its decision to not fly with foreign pilots from next month.

The National Aviators Guild, representing local pilots of Jet Airways, had earlier this month issued a directive to its members not to fly with expatriate commanders from May 1 after one of the foreign pilots allegedly assaulted a trainer in Bengaluru, repors PTI.

The NAG had also alleged that the Jet Airways management treats its local pilots in a “step motherly” manner.

The order urging local pilots to not fly with foreign pilots has now been has been kept in “abeyance” till further instructions, a pilot source told PTI.

At a meeting of NAG representatives, it has been decided to give Jet Airways time to address the issue, the source added.

Jet Airways had called a meeting with the NAG on April 26 but as most of its members were flying, it could not take place at that time, the source said.

The meeting is now likely to happen next week. However, the date is yet to be fixed.

Jet Airways has some 60 expat commanders, who mainly operate its Boeing 737 and ATR fleet.

The guild claims representation of nearly 1,000 pilots of the total of around 1,500 pilots in Jet Airways.


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